Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Lo and behold...

A prediction comes true! (well almost)

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A couple of weeks back I talked about Chat Roulette and mentioned who I thought would be the first brand to get involved in a campaign predicting that Dr Pepper would do a campaign along the lines of being busted by your mum whilst having no clothes on!

And then lo and behold I read this.

It's only a matter of time...

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The bigger they are...

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I'm very fortunate to work on some big global brands who have done (and continue to do) excellent campaigns in the media and advertising world. The one drawback however on working with big brands is that more often than not, they associate themselves with old school traditional creative agencies.

Whilst in many cases this doesn’t cause any issues as quite often the work they produce for TV/Print/Outdoor is of an excellent standard, where they fall down, is when clients ask for the production of digital assets.

I’m being general but over the last two years, time and again ‘big dog’ agencies have let themselves down when it comes to digital. Either they draft in digital agencies who know very little about the client and their business and produce un-integrated work that rarely sticks to objectives (“we recommend a microsite!” Grrrrr…..) or if it does work, we end up having to pay over the odds as the traditional agency take their cut.

Times are changing of course and I attempted to challenge this whole idea at ‘Brief’ a couple of years back, and just recently I’ve been exposed to some excellent work from purely digital shops. So much so, we’ve had increasingly awkward meetings where the Goliaths are having digital pebbles smashed at their heads and being made to look a bit stupid, and in all honesty I’m all for it!

Why shouldn’t they be challenged? In a climate where everything is about value and tracking, engagement and sales, spuffing a load of cash on non trackable ATL media with no discernable results is something that can’t be accepted. Even creating digital assets that have very little obvious value other than getting £60k signed off from the client, are also being scrapped. (microsites I will get my revenge!)

This video helps to summarise all of the above nicely…

Currently, and in my specific field, clients are now looking for one of two things:

1)A DR campaign...

that drives as many potential customers through to their site in the hope that they convert into sales. This only works for some clients though and has unfortunately been employed by brands that should stick to brand campaigns as DR in digital can often get cheap and nasty and does high end brands no favours! This strategy also makes our jobs very difficult as it is often coupled with a cost per arrival of something unattainable dreamt up by the procurement department!

2)Sustainable social media campaign

In my opinion everything that’s created digitally should have social in mind. There has been a shed load of literature on the benefits of such an approach so I won’t spend time going into any more detail here, however the early signs suggest by incorporating such a strategy into creative and media executions, it's all looking positive (ignore Nestle when I say this!).

I firmly believe it’s all headed in the right direction and I feel very positive about the future, especially if the quality of work remains at this level. The sooner big brands understand that a slightly more long term, less cut and dry approach to digital branding and advertising can reap great rewards, we can start to really make some progress in this field. Technology is developing faster than we can pre-order our ipads and whilst we shouldn’t be pushing clients to take on and test everything that’s emerging, small pebbles can cause deadly damage.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Chatroulette provides another gem...

In amongst all the pervs and exhibitionists there is some real gold on chatroulette.

If you haven't seen it yet have a watch of Casey Neistat's summary, it's interesting and nicely put together.

chat roulette from Casey Neistat on Vimeo.

I found the below on Friday which I thought was genius. Ultimately it's simple inprov with a piano but somehow it works so much better for being topical and unexpected. There's some really nice natural reactions , especailly the heart hands girls and when he plays ‘firefly’ by ear...

Whilst watching it I was thinking is this Ben Folds…? The style of music and his voice sounded a bit like him and then lo and behold this morning I see this...

No sure it's as good as Merton's, although his is clearly edited and Ben's is cut short a bit, but still I got more pleasure from the grass roots effort recorded in Merton's living room!

Odds on the first brands to get involved in Chatroulette:

2-1 Dr Pepper with a parody about being on CR and being convinced to get your bits out by a sexy female who’s identity is hidden until you realise it’s your girlfriend’s mum. LMAO…

7-2 – they’ll develop an app that searches for people currently online who fit your criteria. It will bomb as only 0.0005% of people using CR are 21-24 blonde, slim, sporty, GSOH, independent women interested in ‘a fling’.

12-1 Nestle – will have a live feed of their staff flicking V’s at their few remaining fans whilst torturing orang-utan babies and laughing at pictures of starving African kids

25-1 David Cameron – trying to be down with the kids…

50-1 Gordon Brown – unintentionally….

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Photos from Afar

I recently got back from Thailand for an extended trip (managed to get 2 1/2 weeks through the system!) and I took a friend's DSLR with me which was a real treat. I was using a Nikon D40 (Canon would be weapon of choice of course) but it was a nice bit of kit and took some nice photos. Here are few of my favourites (edited down from 2,498!!)

If you're very bored the rest can be found here (FB tends to compress the hell out of them though!)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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