Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Power to the Sheeple!

This post was inspired by a few events over the last couple of weeks and will cover context, expectations and the innate fear of not fitting in and what this could mean for marketing messages.

It started in the Tate Modern two weeks ago when I was meeting a friend and was running late. She was already on the 2nd floor by the time I got there and although I was doing my best 'Dad run' (Ref: Peter Kay) across the main concourse, when it came to the escalators I suddenly realised where I was and couldn't bring myself to bolt or even walk up them. I'm sure we've all had that feeling before, however it reminded me of a video I saw about a month ago...

Candid Camera proves the Sheeple Theory correct.

You can often see this happen in real life when you get in the lift on the tube and you are unsure which side the doors are going to open. The regular commuters will always know and if you're not observant enough to see the 'Exit' sign you are tempted to follow them and most of the time you do. It was this sense of unease which is clearly shown in the video, that got me thinking.

I've blogged before about what I consider to be primordial feelings that are so engrained you can't avoid them, especially if you are not expecting the situation that makes you feel said emotion.

So I was wondering how this emotion could be used to make people respond to marketing messages. There is of course a fine line to tread between illustrating the benefits of a product in a clever way and psychological manipulation and this could in no way be the basis for a long term campaign, but on a tactical/stunt level this could be very effective.

Which products could you do it with? A select few I think, but initial thoughts point towards fashion and art brands. Fashion brands like Diesel could really play on the whole non-conformity theme and position themselves as an alternative to norm.

The actual execution would have to be guerilla in its execution because word would spread fast so I'm thinking some sort of mobile group that targeted people when they were in their routine. Commuting would be a key area, the supermarket (maybe a whole bunch of people could start wearing baskets on their heads?!!), the gym, the cinema (everyone sits facing the wall?!) You get the idea.

Not sure it would ever get signed off, but it would certainly create some buzz.

Go go gadget camera!!

Why they had to call it an 'I-Ball' I have no idea, but I love the idea, especially as it can be fired out of a grenande launcher!

Monday, 10 November 2008

I'm no plumber, but seriously...

...what the hell does this mean?!!

Found in RDF's office loo if anyone needs their 'fused spur' fix!

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