Monday, 3 August 2009

Social Media Boiled Down

Image courtesy.
Slightly unnecessary use of the F-word but this deck lays social media out nicely.

After flicking through I wondered how many brands are still yet to grasp these basics? Does social media still appear as this big labyrinthine beast which they're afraid to poke with a stick?

My advice is poke away! Gently at first, you don't want to wake it with a start, but once awake you’ll find the beast is actually a lot of little gentle beast cubs dressed in a big beastly outfit. As with all things infantile they just need feeding every so often to make them big and strong before you let them out into the wild to talk to all the other beasts and animals in the forest and make friends!

(Apologies for the wildlife analogy, I've been watching a lot of Animal Planet recently!)

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