Monday, 5 January 2009

New year, new job!

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Have been totally rubbish at doing any posts over the last 6 weeks mainly due to how busy I've been, changing jobs and getting fully stuck into yuletide frivolity! So I've now left BLM and have started over at PHD as an 'Integrated Media Manager'. After 3 years at BLM it was time to move on and spread my wings a bit. I've got a good vibe about both the brands I'll be working on and most importantly the people I'm working with.

Also, I'm determined to breath life back into Brief as there were quite a few obstacles put in place previously which prevented me from doing a repeat event but I'm hoping that management will be a bit more open minded moving forward, it certainly feels that way.

I'll update regularly on what developments happen on that front and will get back up to speed on my posts starting this week.

All the best for 2009!


1 comment:

AP of CRAP said...

Congrats on the job, at least you're moving into 1 rather than leaving 1!

Its not much fun hunting and dragging our book around every few weeks :(

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