Friday, 16 January 2009

Geeky biking observations

Since my accident (due to a snapped sprocket and not strictly my fault) I've been taking things a little bit easy on the bike recently, including not powering along at break neck speed and stopping at a lot more traffic lights. As a way of trying to make up for lost time due to my new law abiding traits, I've made a few observations.

1) Motorbikes think they're pedal bikes (they hang around on the left hand side and in the green zone) it's bad enough that they can now use the bus lane (although it hasn't been too bad, I don't think word has spread)

2) On average (and this is based on my route to and from work, it takes an average of 6 seconds for the red man to appear and the main lights going green. Some lights are as delayed as 8-9 seconds and some 1-2 but the norm is about 6.

3) Manhole covers are like ice. Literally! Never take a corner at speed where there are manhole covers, you'll be faceplanting the tarmac quicker than you can say quick release clips!

4) Never undertake a lorry/bus on a corner, you will be crushed to death, fact.

5) Bus stops always smell nice in the mornings as they are full of washed, scrubbed and perfumed people on their way to work!

6) Always, always, always wear a helmet. My old one saved my life, there's no doubt about it. If you don't wear a helmet you're a fucking idiot and deserve to be removed from the gene pool.

Stay safe.


Amelia said...

What happened to you?

I am so bad, I never ever wear a helmet....

Ash said...


Yes my chain came off whilst I was gunning for some lights on Queenstown Road and I came off from a standing position, landed on my head (see the photo) and then skidded down the tarmac praying that the bus behind wouldn't squash me! Was wearing shorts and skinned my whole right side (legs and arms), got some nice scars as well as very annoying whiplash.

Dr's said my helmet definitely saved my life, so please wear one; you don't deserve to be removed from the gene pool you have too much to offer!!!

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