Thursday, 16 October 2008

New and improved!

The statement makes no sense at all because if something is new then it can't be improved, however I've seen some examples recently where advertising has used current advertising and re-invented it making altogether better and arguably more effective.

The piece that piqued my interest and the basis for this post was what the Independent did in response to The Times' campaign late last month which they called 'Ahead of The Times'.

I love this idea of guerrilla marketing. I think it's so effective because it works on the back of someone else’s effort (i.e. £3m Times' marketing budget) but delivers something wholly original through the art of reinvention. Whilst this idea doesn't work for a longer-term campaign, if you have planners with good reactions, media buyers with good relationships and open-minded clients you can be on to a winner with this formula. Examples from the past that I think are brilliant:

Examples from the past that I think are brilliant:

Pot Noodle:


and my favourite of all time, Tango:

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Sam said...

Interesting point. I especially like the 118 188 spoof as it fits perfectly with the brand. If done right it can really make the media work hard for the budget spent.

Having a viral nature to this sort of approach is key, which is where i think 3 have failed.

They've tried to hard in my opinion, and missed out on a great opportunity to get this point across.

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