Monday, 28 April 2008

The Clik Clik

I saw these guys on Saturday night at The Bloomsbury Bowling lanes. I was really impressed. They're young, with some funky bass lines and great percussion (live and samples). It combines Jamie T with The Gorillaz (for the bass riffs). The girl's (Maya) vocals are a great foil to the lead singer's (Stefan) spoken ghetto vocals.

Anyway enough from me I think Stephen Merchant sums them up pretty well:

'The Clik Clik are Stefan Abingdon, Maya Yianni, Henry Bauckham and Dru Wakely– four teenagers whose infectious combination of classic British songwriting and their own smash and grab DIY production aesthetic has already got tongues wagging in the capital. They are the product of an exciting new, musically diverse Britain. Writing and producing everything, they make music that sound like all your favourite iTunes play lists rolled into one.'

Find out more here: The Clik Clik

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