Saturday, 29 December 2007


Not that I needed ‘leave’ in order to go absent but I felt like I've neglected my posts for the last couple of months with no real excuse other than losing sight of what is actually important. I’m under no illusion that my little streams of consciousness are of that much importance, however as Erin says in her blog, it's not just about educating or informing others, it's also a type of therapy for introverts.

I agree with her, in that those of us who blog have a lot of internal thoughts and need to vent these ideas and opinions to allow for both their development (it's amazing how when you try to describe an idea to somebody you suddenly start to visualise the other possibilities the idea could lead to) and also allowing you to move on from said idea and start to think about other thoughts that have been bouncing around your noggin.

As a result of this I have decided that I will make a far more concerted effort to publish more posts, 1 a week in fact. Previously I have always tried to make what I say as polished as possible as I try to cover everything off on the topic. And whilst talking of topics, mine have always been slightly narrow minded and industry specific, this needs to change as I am of the firm opinion that planning requires influences from every sector, of course it does, else we have no chance in trying to convey a message to people.

Next post within 7 days (I promise!)...

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